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Who We Are

Hello from all of us here at KPFF 97.7 FM in Pahrump

KPFF 97.7 FM was established in 2006 in Pahrump Nevada. KPFF stands for Pahrump Film Festival and wants to involve the people of the community. 

We are a community radio station here to serve our community.

After COVID hit our local economy so hard,

business's having to remodel with dividers made of clear plastic between them and their customers, removing tables and chairs from their establishments,

having to turn customers away because of social distancing,

only allowing a minimal amount of people in at a time, and then many of them being unable to recover and having to close their doors permanently, and so many trying to take advantage of everyone in these hardships,

We decided it was time for us to step up and do something to help our great community get back on their feet.

There is power in numbers, and we can get through anything as long as we stick together. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us here at KPFF 97.7 FM


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