Animal Shelter

The documents and audio file shows the attempt of the current NYE County attempting to void the voice of the PEOPLE OF NYE. Between 2018 and 2020 the Commission, Desert Haven Animal Society and the People of NYE chose to obtain a special no tax on interest bond to build a new animal shelter. There is an Ordinance, Contracts and Covenant to build, lease to Desert Haven the new facility as well as the County contracting for the services. This process was completed whereby the People of NYE chose the option which they felt was best for them ongoing. The current Commission does not have the legislative nor legal ability to just discard this process and appoint the Sherriff to run the animal shelter. This is a direct conflict with what the people chose in 2020. Due to the County actions the harm that this may cause to the People may be extreme. This may affect this current Bond and future bonds the County may wish to obtain. Due to there being obvious criminal actions the Court is Judicially bound to contact superior law enforcement agencies and it is certainly expected that they have already taken the required actions. We are finalizing and will be filing a lawsuit in Federal Court as these matters also involve investment securities. We The People spoke in 2020 and the Counties actions are beyond their authority and is obviously an attempt to silence the People. Make your voice heard and tell the Commission to follow the Law, Contract and Covenant that has been signed and is legally binding on all parties.